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Welcome to Hock Shop Kingston, a business that offers a multitude of services for our customers. Our store front sells a large variety of used and new products such as tools, home audio and video, electronics, musical instruments, game systems, video games, movies and more. At our jewelry counters, you will find a wide variety of Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Semi-Precious stones with our collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings at amazing prices.

At Hock Shop Kingston, we buy your previously loved goods that are no longer of interest to you. Sell us your quality items for cash or receive 20% more on a Hock Shop gift card. What we sell is also what we buy. Need a temporary loan? Use your quality items as collateral with our convenient 'Buy Back' option and take up to 30 days before it is due for repayment.

Highest prices paid for gold, diamonds, coins and bullion. Best option for Kingston for those looking to sell gold bullion, jewellery & scrap.

1300 Bath Rd. Frontenac Mall, Kingston Ontario Canada K7M 4X4
Phone: (613)549-2274 | Email:

Services Offered: Buy/Sell/Trade

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